Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between shareholders and directors within companies can be very damaging to the financial and trading well-being of the companies themselves. This is particularly so when the Board and shareholding is split evenly, thus often placing the company in a stalemate situation in which no one can make corporate decisions without the support of those with whom they are in dispute. ...more.

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"We found ourselves in a particularly difficult position with plans for expansion being stymied by a Shareholder and Director who had become completely distant from all aspects of the business. Graham Ross guided us through a strategy and was pivotal in our boardroom during a long day of negotiating. All parties ended up shaking hands on a deal which left us all happy and we are now forging ahead with our expansion. If it weren't for Graham we would almost certainly have ended up in court and fighting a bitter battle." - Jeremy, London
“ I have had the pleasure of using Graham's services on a number of times, and have always had a solution that probably would not have happened had the problems gone legal. I have always found Graham to be efficient, conscientious and extremely thorough exploring avenues you wouldn’t even think about,. I would recommend him to anybody. “ Michael, Burnley
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The Resolver..Live!

Come and meet The Resolver and hear all you need to know about company law and the rules.

January 28th 2015, London

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Graham Ross, aka The Resolver, specialist in creatively resolving disputes between shareholders and directors, especially overcoming stalemate situations, brings his online advice service to you.

In an entertaining, humorous and absorbing two and a half hours (not a boring lecture!) Graham will help his audience become overnight the wise heads in their boardrooms at a huge saving on the cost of taking legal advice.

The program for each session will cover:-
1 A laymans guide to what you, as a shareholder and/or director, need to know about:-
* Company Law
* Your company's Articles of Association - the company rulebook - including all the 'Table A' variations and Model Articles.
2. Practical tips and techniques for avoiding disputes with fellow shareholders and directors
3. How to 'kiss and make up' with your fellow shareholders and directors including practical tips on how to negotiate with difficult people and how to break stalemate situations.
4. How to play 'hard ball' with your fellow shareholders and directors to achieve your objectives whilst remaining on the right side of the law- (with tips for those who need to sail close to the wind of legality).
5. How not to run away but to negotiate a fair and proper exit for you or for the other shareholders
6. How to value your shares.
7. How to write your own Shareholders Agreement, the 'Pre-Nuptial' Agreement that every company should offer to its shareholders. For those who prefer to buy the entry level DIY assisted Shareholders Agreement rather than write one themselves (available at they will be given a full credit against the price (£175 plus VAT) of the cost of entry to "The Resolver Live!"

Everyone will be given an opportunity to raise questions in writing to Graham before the event, and Graham will answer with advice at the event (not identifying the questioner or the company). Other questions may be raised at the event.

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